Gilmore Refrigeration provides 24 hour service, seven days a week.

Our staff is experienced in commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC. The GR Service Team is ready to fulfill all of your refrigeration service requirements.

Our investment in people, training, tools, and equipment allows us to resolve all refrigeration service problems in a timely, cost effective manner.

We use laser technology for alignment of compressors and pump couplings, minimizing vibration and noise, extending seal and bearing life, and improving equipment reliability.

We are equipped in-house to utilize vibration analysis as a means of defining and correcting rotating equipment problems.


Making your needs a priority

Compressor Rebuilding

Gilmore Refrigeration has the tools and expertise to rebuild reciprocating, rotary, and screw compressors of several different manufacturers.   Whether the rebuild is accomplished in your facility, in our shops, or is accomplished through an exchange program depends on the type of compressor, its condition, and the circumstances involved.

Whatever the requirement, you may depend on GR for a cost effective solution.

Maintenance Agreements

The Gilmore Refrigeration comprehensive Maintenance Agreement has proven beneficial to many of our clients in terms of minimizing down time, and extending equipment life.  Specifically tailored to your system, our preventative maintenance agreement provides:

Periodic inspections of entire system, including:

  • Equipment, piping, insulation, controls, and fluid levels and conditions for a fixed annual cost.
  • Review of operating logs and data.
  • Visual inspection for leaks, abnormal conditions, and noise.
  • Verification of operating temperatures, oil, refrigerant, and fluid levels, and proper control set points. (Control calibration if necessary).
  • Compressor inspection with report on critical parameters.
  • Annual compressor oil analysis.
  • Evaporator inspection including controls and performance.
  • Condenser or tower inspection including water distribution.
  • Lubrication of all motors to manufacturers specifications.
  • Documentation of all findings to plant manager, and maintenance of service records in our office for future reference in resolving system problems.
  • Written recommendations concerning potential service requirements to allow work to be performed on a non-emergency basis.