Gilmore Refrigeration provides cost effective Energy Management for Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration systems........

This year, our clients will again experience a significant reduction in their annual energy costs from the date they implemented our recommendations.  Their investment in plant efficiency has been fully amortized, and they will continue to receive a 50% annual return on funds employed for plant up-grade.

What we do.....
We employ our refrigeration expertise coupled with state-of-the-art  technology to combat the increasingly HIGHER energy costs of today's economy.......since January, 2001:

  • Business owners across the U.S. have continued to experience volatility in energy costs due to "geo-political" considerations.

  • OPEC  pushes crude oil prices above the $60.00 per barrel mark, & drivers across the U.S. have paid in excess of $2.50/gallon for gasoline.

  • Concerns about "global warming" continue to press for further legislation which will adversely impact energy costs.

Our opinion is that the cost of electrical energy will continue to increase, and the only sure bet is that LESS Is more!..... GRworks with owners of refrigeration systems to reduce energy costs. Any way you look at it, energy management HELPS YOUR BOTTOM LINE !

How We Do It

Five factors impact refrigeration energy costs......

Utility.... charges are part of the cost of doing business, but the manner in which energy is managed will have significant impact on what it costs YOU to do business. 

Design....was part of your initial system purchase.   At that time, perhaps energy was relatively inexpensive, and capital cost guided design decisions in the direction of inefficiency.  Initial choices in system configuration could presently be working to your disadvantage.  Plant expansions, product changes, and utilization factors may have sacrificed efficiency in the name of production.  We review your refrigeration needs for the present, plus your  needs for the future, and evaluate your existing system Design in terms of efficiency potential. nearly always performed under restraints of time and budget.  Improperly piped equipment provides built-in system limitations, and leaves you "driving with the brakes on".  We review your system Installation and evaluate efficiency potential.

Operation....Getting a new system "on-line", and making temperature requirements is usually more important than whether or not the operation is efficient.  Moreover, today's control technology may not have been available when the system was originally installed, and truly efficient operation may be beyond the capabilities of the existing control system.   We review the Operation of your system to determine  efficiency potential.

Maintenance....The best design and the best equipment  operates at less than the best efficiency if not properly maintained.  Dirty heat exchange surface, plugged filters, inadequate lubrication, loose wires, pitted contactors, refrigerant leakage, and a host of other "nickel-dime" items contribute to refrigeration system inefficiency, and result in overall greater expense in the long term.  We review the condition of your system in terms of Maintenance requirements.
Having reviewed your refrigeration system in terms of Utility, Design, Installation, Operation, & Maintenance,  we are in position to make recommendations for system up-grades that will positively impact your bottom line.

Our commitment to you DOES NOT end with completion of a facility up-grade.....We assist in training your personnel in the proper operation of the system, and we continue to monitor system performance to assure that all possible benefit is obtained from our mutual efforts.  We recognize that your success IS our success, and our goal is to materialize the best possible return on your investment.

We welcome the opportunity to investigate the energy reduction potentials for your facility. 

Energy Management

Saving you money